Gon Boogaloo (Digital Download)

C.W. Stoneking


Third studio album from C.W. Stoneking (2014)

"...This record which took me 6 long years to come by, was finally recorded live in 2 days, without any overdubs or edits, using only 2 microphones, into a 2 track Ampex 351 tape machine out of Capitol Records. Each song was 'mixed' live in the room by way of positioning the band (drums, electric & double bass, 4 backing singers, and my guitar amp), at varying distances/degrees around an old RCA 77DX ribbon microphone to achieve the best mix for each tune as it hit the tape, how it arrived at the tape is how it stayed."

C.W. Stoneking credits released March 18, 2015

All songs by C.W. Stoneking

Musicians appearing on this album: C.W. Stoneking - Singer, Electric Guitar Vika Bull - Backing Vocals Linda Bull - Backing Vocals Maddy Kelly - Backing Vocals Memphis Kelly - Backing Vocals Andrew Scott - Double Bass, Electric Bass Jacob Kinniburgh - Drums, Percussion Kanchana Karunaratna - Percussion Lucky Pereira - Percussion, Drums (track 6)

Album recorded by Alex Bennett at 'Sound Recordings Studios', Campbells Creek, VIC, Australia

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01 How Long.wav 02 The Zombie.wav 03 Get On The Floor.wav 04 The Thing I Done.wav 05 Tomorrow Gon' Be Too Late.wav 06 Mama Got The Blues.wav 07 Goin' Back South.wav 08 The Jungle Swing.wav 09 Good Luck Charm.wav 10 I'm the Jungle Man.wav 11 On A Desert Isle.wav 12 We Gon' Boogaloo.wav

Gon Boogaloo (Digital Download) by C.W. Stoneking